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It became clear early on...

Budgets for schools are always tight, especially for the arts.  But even with those limitations, Orange County is fertile ground for some very promising high school musical programs and some incredibly talented young people.  And it is a proven fact that more school aged kids will remain engaged with an art than will remain engaged with, as an example, a sport, into their adult lives. 

Music is a life-changing experience.  Through our high school outreach program, we not only engage with these talented high school singers as choral contemporaries, but offer a life-experience of music as avocation, and in some cases, profession.  The experience can change lives.

So far, Meistersingers has joined with choirs from Edison High School, La Habra High School, Laguna Hills High School, Marina High School, Canyon High School, Foothill High School Dana Hills High School and Santa Margarita High School.

This year, we will be joining up with the Warriors of Woodbridge High School in Irvine.  We will join them in a group rehearsal and they will join us at our spring concert.  We look forward to working with them!

and then, something else became clear...

What better way to promote and encourage the love of the art, then to set up a college scholarship.  And that's what has been done.  For the last several years, Meistersingers has provided a $500 scholarship to one of the seniors in the outreach high school for their use.  The senior doesn't need to use it for music-related purposes, and in fact, the senior doesn't have to even be majoring in music.  Like many of the Meistersingers,  continued involvement in the choral art is more important than a possible profession.



Our scholarship recipients:

  • Will Campisano '19

  • Joey Krumbein '18

  • Michaela Narehood '17

  • Morgan Delaney '16

  • Lani Owen ‘16

  • Andrew Hernandez ‘15

  • Monica Menjuru ‘15

  • Eileen Stressly ‘14

    Only by the generous donations of people like you have the Meistersingers been able to supply this helpful scholarship. We can help more with your support! If you would like to donate to our scholarship fund, then please specify when you click “Donate to our Outreach Program”